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Micro Services

AuroPro Provides Extensive support for MicroServices


It is easy for developers to build microservice-based applications graphically with Ab Initio’s data flow processing paradigm.

AuroPro microservices integrate with service mesh technologies and support containerization, DevOps, OpenAPI, and other industry standards. Microservices can be rapidly built, tested, and deployed, providing levels of productivity not seen in other environments.


Key MicroService Practices We Offer

Micro Services Enablement

Transform your business IT-ecosystem from monoliths to microservices. These small autonomous services bring out the much desired agility for business. Along with API enablement, the microservices are choreographed to yield higher business value.

Micro Services Development

The microservices are the way of structuring the enterprise architecture such that the multiple autonomous service units are enabled to gain business values. We have executed multiple success stories for microservice transformation in key domains globally.

Micro Services Integration

Each microservice is a data flow graph that consists of a pipeline of processing components connected by flows. The microservice graph receives the service request (via a RESTful call over http), which then flows through the processing components to perform the required action and provide the appropriate response. A microservice graph can call business rules and other services, allowing sophisticated coordination.