The dynamic team of AuroPro focuses on providing solution to wide range of services. There are so many industries that we support and the industries supported by us include the services specific to banking and insurance services, energy and utilities based services, and retail services. All these major industries are being supported with our expertise.

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Heathcare & Life sciences

Healthcare is changing at unprecedented levels with the transition to value-based healthcare, healthcare institutions needing to integrate solutions, and individuals taking charge of their personal health journey. AuroPro is uniquely positioned to help transform care delivery. Our rich history of innovation provides us with unique approaches to problem-solving

Banking and Financial Services

The introduction globalization and a constant battle in a highly competitive market have compelled the banks to reconsider their business profiles and adopt the evolving regulations provisioned by our Banking IT Services. With the changing business landscape, financial institutions have to think beyond just an automated Banking service and focus on risk management techniques aligned with regulatory compliance.


Digital insurance solutions are transforming the industry. To engage customers, facilitate compliance and extract business insights, you need an IT partner with expertise in technology as well as deep insurance domain experience. Insurers can use our services to improve their competitive edge. We offer services specifically designed for Property & Casualty and Life Insurance submarkets.

Energy and Utilities

Regardless of the specific Energy application, you need a reliable, high performance, IT infrastructure. At Auropro we pride ourselves on helping you become “smarter” than your competitors.Wind Energy production facilities include wind turbines, underground power systems, and control and maintenance facilities connected to a monitored substation. Solar Energy companies need to track the output of each panel and inverter individually, or within small groups.IT services that we offer in this case include

Retail Services

Modern age customers are gradually shifting to e-commerce. Today, shoppers have all the information they need to make informed decisions and extract the maximum value out of their spending. Thus, traditional retailers need to change their business models to keep pace and excel as digital merchandisers.

Our retail Solutions and Services, combined with retail analytics, drives the much-needed Digital Transformation. Our retail solutions enrich end-customer experience and improve business efficiency through an integrated set of disruptive technologies like mobility, big data analytics, security, cloud computing, social computing, and unified communications.